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Subclass 186

Employer Nomination Scheme

Australian businesses of all sizes are increasingly experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. If you are an employer, and Looking for immigration consultant to help you apply for Employer Nomination Visa in Australia and unable to find a suitable Australian person to fill a position, you may be able to sponsor a highly skilled person from overseas.

As an employer, firstly you must apply for approval as a standard business sponsor and nominate the position(s) to be undertaken immigration consultant in Australia by the overseas worker. That means that the sponsor has to show that they are operating a lawful, reputable business in Australia, the sponsorship is of benefit to Australia and that they will be the direct employer of the applicant.

This visa involves two stages:

  • Nomination stage – At the nomination stage, the employer nominates a suitable candidate to sponsor
  • Visa stage – At this stage, the visa application for the nominee and any dependent any family members have been lodged.

This visa has 3 main streams:

  1.   The Temporary Residence Transition stream is for 457 visa /TSS visa holders who have worked for two years/ 3 years for TSS visa (Medium-term), while holding a subclass 457 visa/482 visa, in the same occupation with their nominating employer who wants to offer them a permanent position in that occupation.
  2. The Direct Entry stream is for applicants who have not worked on a 457 visa/ TSS 482 Visa with their nominating employer for two years (3 years for TSS visa holders) but who are formally qualified in their occupation and have worked for at least three years at a skilled level in their occupation and their occupation is on the  Employer Nomination Visa Sublass186 occupations list (Direct Entry).
  3. The Agreement stream is for applicants sponsored by an employer through a labour agreement

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