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Subclass 100, 309, 801, 820

Partner Visa

An Australian Citizen/ Permanent Resident/ Eligible New Zealand Citizen can sponsor you as his/ her spouse or de facto partner (same sex or heterosex) . You will go through a two-stage process: temporary residency and permanent residency application. You can bring your dependent child to Australia with you in this application. You can even get the Permanent Partner visa Australia  even if your relationship has broken down in some situations such as family violence or you have a mutual child with your sponsor.

 Once you get the Permanent Resident visa, you will get all the benefits for a Permanent Resident ( such as social security, staying indefinitely in Australia, sponsoring your family visa to Australia…).

Requirements For Partner Visa Subclass 100,309,801,820

Besides Australian Partner visa, you can apply for a Prospective Australian Partner Visa as the finance’ of an Australian Citizen/ Permanent Resident/ Eligible New Zealand Citizen. Our Australian migration agent will determine whether you qualify for permanent residence in Australia and will assist you throughout the application process


Mr Kan is a 30 year-old Australian citizen. He has been in relationship with Ms Linda, an Indian national, for two years when he is on a business trip to India. They have been sharing everything as a couple in India. This year, Mr Kan completes his routine in India and needs to go back to Australia. Mr Kan wants Ms Linda to relocate to Australia with him. Therefore, he decided to apply for a Partner visa subclass 309/100 for Ms Linda on a de facto basis.