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Subclass 600

Visitor Visa

You can come to Australia as a tourist. Your purpose can be: tourism, visiting your family member or business trip. With a subclass Visa 600 Australia, you can travel to Australia for tourism, business, or a brief appearances with family. Our approval rate for Visitor visas Subclass 600 is quite high.

Requirements For Visitor Visa Subclass 600

  •  You must have the genuine intention to visit Australia with the above-mentioned purpose.
  •  You will abide by all conditions attached in your visa.
  •  You must not work in Australia.

Benefits of a Visitor Visa  Subclass 600 Australia

  • Stay for a maximum of 12 months in Australia
  • Take a vacation or go on a cruise.
  • Visit friends or family members
  • Up to three months of study or training, including volunteer work

How to Apply 

The visitor visa (subclass 600) must be done correctly the first time and to avoid unnecessary delays, use a Our Registered Migration agent, Priyanka Kansal for Visas to Australia. A lot of paperwork is needed for the Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) in order to substantiate the claims stated in the application.

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