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Subclass 116 and 836

Carer Visa

An Australian citizen/ Permanent Resident/ Eligible New Zealand Citizen can sponsor you as his/ her carer.

Once you get the Permanent Resident visa, you will get all the benefits for a Permanent Resident (such as social security, staying indefinitely in Australia, sponsoring your family visa to Australia…)

Requirements For Carer Visa

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Mr Viet is an 80 year-old Australian citizen. He has been suffering diabetes and osteopathy disease for many years. His main carer is his 75 year-old Australian wife. They also have four Australian children who usually take care of Mr Viet on a routine basis. However, his medical condition got worse and his doctor required a full-time carer for him as his wife cannot take care of him full time and four Australian children cannot fulfill the routine properly.

They tried to get support from community care service in Australia. However, Mr Viet’s medical condition required 24/7 care and support. 

The fifth son, Mr Nam, is Vietnamese citizen. He is willing to take care of Mr Viet in Australia. Luckily, he is in Australia on a tourist visa. Mr Viet decides to apply for Carer Visa subclass 836 for Mr Nam.